Demo 2016

by castyoudown

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released June 13, 2016

Recorded by Lenny Last Breath at the DZ House

Artwork by Eman Gorrin



all rights reserved


castyoudown Florida

South Florida

Rage Recrods &
Arduous Path Recordings

Giovanni - Guitar
Luke - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Dallas - 4 Cable
Lennon - Drums

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Track Name: Desert of Judah
a candle burns slowly
like the torch you once held in me
I gave you a world
and tremor in your voice

what will it take
to know what it would've been like
sever them yourself
your fire burns no more

I heard your cries
forged in the fire of deceit
whispers in misery
no comfort in reach

under a red sky
golden sand corrupts my heart
as did your imprint on me
memories die, echoes fade

hold onto an eternal forever

an endless desire to die
light my path
its never perfect without your gaze

a prayer for purity
rid me of this filth
as the dirt corrodes my being

"I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand"
Track Name: Burn The Eyes of The Horizon
see the sky through broken eyes
stitch the wounds that were cut from your lies
held the hand of your dying beauty

slit wrists to fill you within
slit wrists to fill up the sink
cut yourself free
to know you still exist

into the mouth of your bottomless abyss
a blade's sting into further life
as I let this fire consume me
I am no longer one with you

we stare into the same indigo sky
hold on to shooting stars
left from scars you imprinted on my flesh

the horizon of death
passes further than you
held out my palms
as the sun burned your perfection

an afterburn to feel less guilt
destroy the foundation and base i built
fill the corpse into the casket
burn yourself then feed me the ashes
Track Name: Cleansed By The Sea
watched the sun eclipse in your eyes
hold onto tormented skies
immersed in the depths
of your burning shame

breathe as the sea swallows you whole
crash into seas with no shore
two lips that kissed my pale cheeks
and wiped away my tears
tattered and broken wrists
pierced with the razors edge

I know not what to do
drowning in this endlessness of you
your final embrace still
immerses my soul in this sea of pain

the guiding hands that do you this harm
wash away like wings of angels

the color of summer-shade
as I rest upon your chest
your veins spill a sea of blood
forever cleansing my soul

your waves crash against my chest
cleanse my heart
cleanse my soul
cleansed by the sea